Up for the day, time to not talk to anybody from the real world and play wow all day :)

I need to find a good woman who enjoys wow, computers in general, doing nothing, eating, isn’t a jerk, is somewhat pretty (I guess), likes staying up late, who can get my offensive humor, puts up with me being lazy, likes Star Wars, enjoys cuddling and making out, doesn’t just want sex, likes me for me, a girl who I can bring around my guildies, raid with, etc., likes a ride range of music, likes anime, can hold an intelligent conversation, doesn’t act like a child, agghh

I don’t talk to anyone besides ray, Kayla, and Brooke. I’m content

I think since it’s April first, I should need everything in dungeons just to be an ass and leave before they decide to kick me saying: April Fools. Hope you didn’t need anything.(;


okay yes im asking you a “yes or no” question but that doesn’t mean you have to respond with just yes or just no ELABORATE PLEASE

conversation is becoming a dead art, people dont know how to communicate and it drives me insane please use your words and speak like an adult human being

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oh yeah baby ignore me harder

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